Shodoshima Island

A treasure trove of nature and cuisine

Shodoshima is the second-largest island in the Seto Inland Sea, with a population of 28,500 and an area of 170 km2 (as of April 1, 2017).
The island is known as the Mediterranean of Japan, both for its year-round temperate climate and as the birthplace of olive production in the country. Traditional food production, such as soy sauce slowly fermented in wooden barrels or sun-dried somen noodles, continues to thrive after 400 years. Cuisine using these time-tested methods is found in abundance.

Shodoshima is also blessed with plentiful nature. At the Kankakei Gorge, considered one of the three most spectacular gorges in Japan, see all in one place the Seto Inland Sea, unusual rock formations patiently carved by fierce wind and rain, and the canyon itself. Another popular spot is Angel Road, which appears only twice a day at low tide to connect four small islands. Couples that walk hand in hand as they cross these white sands are said to one day find happiness.

Shodoshima is one of the venues for the Setouchi Triennale art festival, so make sure to see Gift of the Sun, Regent in Olives, and other outdoor art installations remaining from the festival.

From Takamatsu, take a ferry to the ports of Tonosho, Ikeda, Kusakabe, or Sakate, each only one hour away.

■ Getting around the island
・It may be an island, but do not underestimate its size. Use buses or a rental car to get around. All-day bus passes are sold at Tonosho Port.
・Active types will enjoy renting a bicycle to visit the sights. Each port (except Obe and Fukuda on the north side) has bikes to rent. Or, rent a road bike at Giant Store in front of Takamatsu Station and take it on the ferry. Try an 82-km loop of the whole island!

■ Main sights
Shodoshima Olive Park, Kankakei Gorge, Dofuchi Strait, Angel Road, Nakayama Senmaida (Terraced Rice Fields), Meiro no Machi (Maze Town), Choshikei Gorge, Soy Sauce Village, Twenty-Four Eyes Movie Studio

Island Hopping

Basic Information

Address 香川県小豆郡

Nearby Sightseeing Spots

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