Ogijima Island

Walk along a maze of steep roads on your search for art!

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    Project for wall painting in lane, ogijima wallalley / Rikuji Makabe

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Ogijima Island is an approximately 40-minute ferry ride from Takamatsu Port, which includes a short stopover at Megijima Island. Ogijima has a population of approximately 172 people, and an area of 1.34㎢. (As of April 1, 2017)
As there is little flat land available on this island, the village is staggered up the southwest slope of the mountain. The view from the sea is one of a kind, as the roofs of the houses appear to be stacked on top of each other like the scales of a fish.

When you arrive at the port the first thing you will probably notice is a white building with a unique design. This is the Ogi Exchange Center, created by a Spanish artist for the Setouchi Triennale art festival. Also, there are art pieces scattered all around the island which vividly depict everyday life in the village, such as the personalized onba buggies lovingly pushed around by elderly women, or the installation artworks styled after octopus pots used in the island’s flourishing octopus fishing industry. Why not go on a search for art along maze-like paths that weave throughout the village? As you wander around the village looking here and there for art, you are sure to experience the history and culture of the island, making new discoveries along the way.

Be sure to stop by Toyotomahime-jinja Shrine, where you will find the best view on the island. This is where the locals often come to rest—if you happen to meet someone, try greeting them with a friendly “Konnichiwa!”

■ Getting around the island
・It is best to get around on foot as there are many steep roads on the island.
・If you plan to visit the lighthouse made of granite, which is rare to see in Japan, on foot it takes about 30 minutes one way. As such, we recommend visiting the lighthouse as your first stop once you’ve arrived on the island.
・Restaurants may be closed depending on the time of year, so it is a good idea to bring along a light meal just in case.
・You can pick up maps of the island or restaurant guides at the Ogi Exchange Center’s information desk.
・You can make a day trip from Takamatsu and visit both Ogijima Island and Megijima Island. For visitors who would like to take their time, why not stay overnight at one of the guest houses on the islands?

■ Major attractions
Ogijima Lighthouse, Toyotamahime-jinja Shrine, “Ogijima’s Soul” (Ogi Exchange Center), “Walking Ark”, “Project for wall painting in lane, ogijima wallalley”, and more.

Island Hopping

Basic Information

Address 高松市男木町

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