Busshozan Town

A blend of retro and modern

Busshozan is a temple town that grew and prospered around Honenji Temple, the ancestral temple (bodaiji), of the lords of the Takamatsu Domain. The town is 15 minutes away from central Takamatsu by train.

When you arrive in Busshozan, aim for Honenji Temple by following the Onari Kaido road that links Kotoden Busshozan Station with Chikirijinja Shrine. Old homes and shops built from the Edo period to the Meiji Era (1603-1912) line the street. Some, such as a century-old kimono shop, have been renovated and restored to their original state, and now welcome visitors as cafés or restaurants. Enjoy a blend of retro and modern atmospheres, including a long-standing vinegar factory established in 1789, a sweets shop around since 1872 selling tankiri-mochi, and a theater for taishu engeki (traditional vaudeville).

Every October, townspeople dress up as samurai, feudal lords, or other figures for the Busshozan Daimyo Gyoretsu festival. The festival and accompanying parade are a quintessential part of autumn in Takamatsu.

Cultural Experieces

Basic Information

Address 香川県高松市仏生山町

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