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1. Copyright

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2. Links

In principle, links to this website do not require prior permission.
Our association will deny a link to this website if the linking site violates laws and/or public order and morals, is connected to criminal behavior, violates the copyright of third parties, violates the privacy of groups and/or individuals, or is otherwise deemed inappropriate by our association.

3. Disclaimer

Our association takes every precaution to ensure that the information presented on this website is correct, but takes no responsibility for the actions of people using the information found on this website. Furthermore, our association takes no responsibility in any case for any damages or loss incurred through accessing this website.
Some photographs on this website are not the intellectual property of our association. Our association takes no responsibility for any loss or trouble incurred through use of photographs for which it does not hold the copyright.
All of the listed information on this website is from the time of publication and may be changed or deleted at any time without prior notification.

The content of any third party websites linked to by this website (hereinafter referred to as linked sites) are the responsibility of the parties managing them, and are not managed by this website. Please use linked sites in accordance with the conditions of use of each linked site. This website bears no responsibility for any losses incurred due to use of the contents of linked sites.

4. Privacy Policy

Concerning the use and management of personal information as based on laws and regulations, this site will handle such matters appropriately in the following manner. The Kagawa Prefecture Tourism Association may collect specific information for specific persons including name, address, phone number, email address, etc. as well as other information (hereinafter “personal information”). Except when prescribed by law, the association will not, without consent, use personal information for purposes other than collection nor provide personal information to third parties. The association will take measures to prevent the disclosure or falsification of personal information collected.

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5. About Google Analytics and acquiring cookies

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