Angel Road

A mysterious sand road that appears mysteriously in the middle of the ocean

The sand road appears and disappears with the high and low tides. There are four islands connected from Bentenjima, which is next to Shodoshima.

You can walk across the sand road twice a day at low tide, once in the morning and once in the afternoon. It is said that if you walk across holding the hand of your special person, an angel will descend and grant your wish. This site is recognized as one of Japan’s ‘Lovers Holy Lands’, a romantic spot just right for proposing.

At the shops near the Angel Road you can purchase an ema (a plaque onto which you write your wish and leave at a shrine). There is also a selection of popular Shodoshima souvenirs like olives and somen noodles for sale.

Connecting with Nature Picture Perfect

Basic Information

Address 土庄町銀波浦
Open Open all hours (check website for high tide times)
Closed Open all year round
Admission Fee Free
Parking Available
(accommodates 4 large buses)

Nearby Sightseeing Spots

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