Shikoku Aquarium

Themed Shikoku waterscape. Let's take a look the water world peculiar to Shikoku.

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Situated in Utazu Seaside Park is the Shikoku Aquarium, which exhibits roughly 400 marine species that live in the sea surrounding Shikoku. Its large tanks give visitors panoramic views of what goes on in the depths of the Seto Inland Sea and the Pacific Ocean, and informative displays focus on Shikoku's waterways, including the Shimanto and Niyodo rivers. The main floor-to-ceiling tank highlights the Japanese horse mackerel (ma-aji) and about 20 other species of fish that travel on the warm Kuroshio (Japan Current), which flows north along the Pacific coast of Japan and is largely responsible for the mild climate along this coast.

The nearby shark tank features scalloped hammerhead sharks that can be viewed from below. Further highlights are the Uzushio tank, which recreates the sea underneath the famed tidal whirlpools of the Naruto Strait on the east side of Shikoku, and a dolphin pool that, when seen from the aquarium's Sunset Deck, appears to blend in with the Seto Inland Sea behind. The view of the pool can be particularly memorable at dusk, when the jumping dolphins create a dramatic scene against the backdrop of the setting sun.

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Address 769-0201 香川県綾歌郡宇多津町浜一番丁4
Phone 0877-49-4590

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