Honjima Island

An island where the navy prospered

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    Departure / Akira Ishii, Photo: Kimito Takahashi

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Honjima Island, located in Marugame City, has a population of approximately 430 people and an area of 6.75㎢. (As of April 1, 2017) High speed boats and ferries make five to six sailings to Honjima every day from Marugame Port, the closest port to the island. From the east side of the island you can enjoy a panoramic view of the Seto Ohashi Bridge.

Because of the fast tidal currents surrounding the island, Honjima was famous as the training ground for the Shiwaku Navy, producing many of Japan’s top-class sailors and boat builders. In fact, among the 50 crew members of the “Kanrin Maru”, which was the first Japanese ship to sail across the Pacific Ocean, 70 percent were originally from the Shiwaku Islands, including Honjima.

On Honjima, where the navy honed its skills and prospered, many spots remain where you can experience the history of the island firsthand. For example, you can visit the Shiwaku Kinbansho, which is the former government office of the Shiwaku area. The Shiwaku Islands were given special permission to self-govern, and the island’s leaders, known as “elders”, were in charge of running the government. There is also the Kasashima District, which has been nationally designated as an “important preservation district for group of traditional buildings”. Even visitors who are not familiar with history will enjoy walking through the streets lined with old buildings built by Shiwaku carpenters.

■ Getting around the island
・Rental bicycles are the best way to travel around this big island. You can rent a bicycle at the port’s waiting area.
・Depending on the time of year, it may be difficult to find a restaurant where you can eat lunch, so it’s best to bring along a light meal just in case.

■ Major attractions
Shiwaku Kinbansho Former Government Office, Kasashima District, “Departure” (artwork), Mt. Tomi Observation Deck, and more.


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Address 香川県丸亀市本島町

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