Anpanman Train

Let's go ride a cute anime character train!

The 8000 Series Anpanman train runs every day between Takamatsu (Kagawa Prefecture) and Matsuyama (Ehime Prefecture).

Anyone with both a basic fare ticket and a Limited Express ticket can ride this train, since it is a Limited Express train.

Anpanman is an anime character that everyone in Japan is familiar with. So when Japanese people come across the Anpanman train, many of them take pictures. The train is extremely popular among both children and adults.

From Utazu Station, the train will also be connected to a train car that comes with colorful rainbow-themed reserved seats, "Anpanman seats". So be sure to check if there are any available seats there!

Additionally, there is also the red and yellow Anpanman train on the Dosan Line, which runs between Okayama (Okayama Prefecture) and Kochi (Kochi Prefecture), and goes past Tadotsu (Kagawa Prefecture).

This train also comes with the reserved "Anpanman seats", and will surely be a fun time for not only the children, but dad, mom, grandpa, and grandma as well!

Come and enjoy a train ride with Anpanman and his friends!

Takamatsu Eastern Central Western
Cultural Experieces

Basic Information

Address 香川県
Open Daily (May be suspended due to train inspection, etc.)
Admission Fee Varies depending on where you get on and get off.
*Passengers must have both a basic fare ticket and a Limited Express ticket to board this train. (Those who wish to sit in the Anpanman seat area must also have a Limited Express reserved seat ticket.)
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