Tips for Island Travel

Enjoy your island visit

To make the most of your visit, make sure to prepare before departing.

① Wear comfortable clothing.
  Many islands are full of nature. Wear shoes for walking on slopes or mountain paths and adaptable clothing for if you get hot or cold.

② Bring cash
  ATMs are difficult to find on most islands. Only certain stores accept credit cards, so bring cash.

③ Plan where to eat
  Depending on the season, some stores may be closed. Check when stores will be open, and bring snacks just in case. Don’t forget to take water.

④ Follow traffic regulations
  The streets you travel on are also used by locals. Be safe when driving or biking. Do not block the road or travel too fast when bicycling.

⑤ Don’t miss the ferry
  Check ferry times and keep to a schedule when visiting the island.

⑥ Stay polite and respectful
  Islanders are known for their cheery faces, but remember that this is where they go about their daily lives.

Take care not to enter residences, talk in loud voices, or otherwise disturb residents. Take all trash home with you.

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