Udon Noodle Shop Hopping

Experience true Sanuki udon noodles

Sanuki udon noodles—the soul food of Kagawa Prefecture.
Over 600 noodle shops compete for flavor in the prefecture. See a line outside a shop at lunchtime? Udon noodle shop is a good guess.
Try a slightly different kind of sightseeing here in Kagawa: “udon noodle shop hopping.” On holidays, cars parked outside noodle shops sport mostly out of town plates—a testament to the many travelers who come here just for the noodles. Some folks visit not just two or three, but even five or more shops in a single day!

Sanuki udon noodles combine quality ingredients with a clean, simple flavor. Easily digestible food, a wide menu variety, nearby factories and self-service that keep the price down—no wonder udon noodles are so popular.
Many shops close for the day after selling out, so make sure to start early if you plan to visit multiple places.
Here in the heart of udon country, most signboards are in Japanese. Look for the characters [うどん], which spell out udon.
If you’re not sure where to go, use an udon bus or an udon taxi to take you around to famous shops.

■ Special Tour Services
・Udon Bus: runs daily from Takamatsu Station. (http://www.kotosan.co.jp/sp/order/)
・Udon Taxi: a professional driver to guide you around. (https://www.udon-taxi.com/en/about/)

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