Kagawa Prefecture: Flower scenery-1

Kagawa Prefecture: Flower scenery

On the shores of the Seto Inland Sea lies Kagawa, with its mild climate, abundant nature?and a wealth of flower spots throughout the prefecture. The prefecture changes with each passing season, and here we introduce the flowers for each time of year!

Sanuki Manno Park

  • Sanuki Manno Park-0
  • Sanuki Manno Park-1
  • Sanuki Manno Park-2
  • Sanuki Manno Park-3

Enjoy flowers of every season on the spacious grounds of Sanuki Manno Park, one of the best flower spots in Kagawa. Bring a lover or your family, and relax or take pictures surrounded by nothing but flowers.

■ Address: 4243-12 Yoshino, Manno, Kagawa
■ 9:30 a.m.-5 p.m.
*Hours vary by season (open at night for illumination event)
■ Closed: Tuesdays
*If Tuesday is a holiday, then closed the following day instead. If Wednesday is a holiday, then open on Tuesday as well.
*Open every day for the following periods:
March 20-May 31, July 20-Aug. 31, Sept. 11-Oct. 31

Shishijima Island

  • Shishijima Island-0
  • Shishijima Island-1
  • Shishijima Island-2

Located in the city of Mitoyo, Shishijima was historically called the “flower island” for the flower fields covering the island. In recent years, the flowers have slowly come back through the efforts of islanders. The harmony of the Seto Inland Sea and fields of flowers is incredibly beautiful and healing.

■ Best time: late April-late June (dianthus), late March-late April (calendula officinalis),
                        late May-mid June (hydrangea)
■ Address: Shishijima, Takumacho, Mitoyo, Kagawa (15 min. walk from Shishijima Port)
■ Hours: open 24 hours
■ Closed: open all year round

Twenty-Four Eyes Movie Studio

  • Twenty-Four Eyes Movie Studio-0
  • Twenty-Four Eyes Movie Studio-1
  • Twenty-Four Eyes Movie Studio-2
  • Twenty-Four Eyes Movie Studio-3

Feel the atmosphere of old-time Japan at the Twenty-Four Eyes Movie Studio overlooking the Seto Inland Sea. At the movie studio’s flower fields, enjoy yellow rapeseed in spring, sunflowers in summer, or cosmos in fall.

■ Best time: late March-early May (rapeseed, koinobori streamers), late July-late Aug. (sunflowers),
                        late Oct.-late Nov. (cosmos)
■ Address: Taura, Shodoshima, Kagawa
■ Hours: 9 a.m.-5 p.m.
■ Closed: open all year round

Ritsurin Garden

  • Ritsurin Garden-0
  • Ritsurin Garden-1
  • Ritsurin Garden-2
  • Ritsurin Garden-3

One of the top sightseeing in the prefecture, Ritsurin Garden lets you enjoy a variety of nature in every season. Take in the cherry blossoms in spring or the leaves in fall; at their peaks, the garden holds nighttime illumination events where you can experience beautiful scenery, different from the daytime.

■ Best time: late March-early April (cherry blossoms), mid to late Nov. (fall leaves)
■ Address: 1-20-16 Ritsurincho, Takamatsu, Kagawa
■ Hours: approximately sunrise to sunset (hours vary by season)
■ Closed: open all year round

Sunflower Fields, Manno Town

  • Sunflower Fields, Manno Town-0
  • Sunflower Fields, Manno Town-1
  • Sunflower Fields, Manno Town-2
  • Sunflower Fields, Manno Town-3

The town of Manno’s most famous flower, the sunflower, reaches its peak around early July, when 250,000 of them bloom for an amazing spectacle.
The local Himawari Festival (sunflower festival) is held annually in mid-July.

■ Best time: early to mid July
■ Address: Honoyama, Manno, Kagawa
■ Hours: open 24 hours
■ Closed: open all year round

Kikaku Prefectural Park

  • Kikaku Prefectural Park-0
  • Kikaku Prefectural Park-1
  • Kikaku Prefectural Park-2
  • Kikaku Prefectural Park-3

Kikaku Park is the most famous spot in eastern Kagawa for cherry blossom viewing?the 300 meter long tunnel of blossoming trees alone is indescribably beautiful. In addition, a quintessential summer sight is the 15,000 Japanese irises lining the park’s waterfront.

■ Best time: late March-early April (cherry blossoms), late May-early June (irises)
■ Address: Nagaomyo, Sanuki, Kagawa
■ Hours: open 24 hours
■ Closed: open all year round


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