Udon Noodle Making

Let's make Sanuki Udon noodles!

Making udon noodles is a truly fun experience, and you will be surprised at how simple udon is to make.
You will learn everything from the amount of wheat flour you will need to make udon for five people to the correct ratios of salt and water for each season—the most salt is required in summer and the least in winter.
After learning the ingredients, you are ready to start making your first batch of udon noodles. You will have fun mixing the ingredients, and then flattening them with your feet to music, letting the dough rest, and finally rolling it and cutting it into long thin strips.
And at the end of your experience, the udon you made will be cooked and served to you so can taste your own homemade udon. Finally you get a package of your own homemade dough to bring home for your loved ones.

※This English-language text was created by the Japan Tourism Agency.

■ Each school offers a unique udon making experience!
・Nakano Udon School (Kotohira School, Takamatsu School): One of the most fun schools in the world! Have fun trying your hand at making udon noodles.
・Udon House: Learn everything you need to know about making udon noodles, including how to make the broth. Perfect for people who want to immerse themselves in the world of udon noodles.
・Draworth: Spend the night in beautiful Japanese home! Udon noodle-making lessons provided by a local chef.

Takamatsu Central Western
Culinary Adventures
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