Wasanbon Sugar Confectionary Making

Make traditional Japanese confectionary using high-quality sugar

For over two hundred years Wasanbon Sugar has been produced mainly in the eastern part of Shikoku, in Kagawa and Tokushima Prefectures. The sugar is of the finest quality, made from crystallized sugar cane mixed with just the right amount of water to create these finely textured high-quality sweets. The name Wasanbon relates to the fact that the sugar is ground three times on a board. Only the finest sugar is used. In the past, the method for making this sugar was a closely guarded secret.

Please take the opportunity to create these delightful candies. First mix the sugar. Then press the mixture into the wooden molds. Finally turn the pressed sugar onto the board. The sweets are so easy to make that anyone can do it. These candies reflect the beauty of the four seasons and an artistic appreciation of nature.

The wooden molds that are such an important part of the candy-making process are made by one man, Ichihara Yoshihiro, the only practitioner of this traditional woodworking art in all Shikoku.

※This English-language text was created by the Japan Tourism Agency.

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