Shodoshima Somen Noodles

A 400-year tradition of fresh, unprocessed noodles

Shodoshima Island is one of three places in Japan famous for somen noodles, and this island has over 400 years of experience. Production thrived through a bustling maritime trade that made ingredients easy to come by, as well as plentiful salt and water nearby for making the noodles.

Shodoshima somen noodles are stretched by hand the traditional way, acquiring a deliciously chewy texture. Try nama-somen, or unprocessed noodles, that have a much different flavor than the usual dried variety.
In a process unique to Shodoshima, noodles are mixed with sesame oil during the stretching process to help prevent oxidization.
Tour a noodle factory or take part in stretching and dividing the noodle dough using chopsticks (reservation required).

■ Where can I experience it?
・Nakabu-an (
・Sakube (
・Shodoshima Furusato Mura (

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