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Emergency Phone Numbers

Call 119 for fire, injury, or sudden illness.
Call 110 for crimes or lost belongings.

Ambulance & fire 119
Police 110

Hotel Establishments Providing Temporary Refuge for Stranded Travelers

We are releasing a list of hotel establishments that, in accordance to the agreement with the Kagawa Hotel and Ryokan Association, will provide temporary refuge for travelers who are unable to return home due to disruptions in transportation resulting from a natural disaster.
For details, please refer to the list of establishments.

International Calls

Drop the 0 in the area code when dialing from abroad.

Example: 080-123-4567 (Domestic call)  +81-80-123-4567 (International call to Japan)

Country code 81
International access code 010

Help prevent the spread of livestock diseases! Please do not enter livestock farms unnecessarily.

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