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Pilgrimage to the 88 temples of Kukai

  • Okuboji Temple and Ohenro-san (pilgrims)Okuboji Temple and Ohenro-san (pilgrims)
  • Ohenro-san (pilgrims)Ohenro-san (pilgrims)
  • Chozuba (purification trough)Chozuba (purification trough)
  • Scene of prayingScene of praying
  • Goshuin (Temple Stamp)Goshuin (Temple Stamp)
  • Sohonzan Zentsuji TempleSohonzan Zentsuji Temple

Eighty-eight temples scattered throughout Shikoku are linked to the 8th century Buddhist priest Kukai, and form the pilgrimage route known as the "Henro". People have been making this pilgrimage for centuries in the belief that if they complete it, their prayers will be answered.
In Kagawa there are 23 official temples, including Sohonzan Zentsuji Temple, the birthplace of Kukai, and Okuboji Temple also known as "Kechiganji", meaning your prayers will be answered, as it is the last temple of the pilgrimage.

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